Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blog Makeover !!!

Blog Makeover !!!

So since i am back to blogging and a lot has changed in my life since the last time I was blogging I thought it was about time for a blog makeover to reflect the change so ta dah !!! lol . I also thought I would add a bit more to my blogs so as well as make up and fashion posts I will also do lifestyle post and mother and baby post so keeping it current with my life.

So Until Next Time...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Back 2 blogging !!!

Back 2 Blogging !!!

So it's been a very long time since I last blogged and a lot has changed in my life since then. I became a mother to a beautiful wee baby boy who is now approaching his 1st birthday this month. And being and new mother you can imagine I have been so busy and had no time to myself nor did I really want any I have been embracing motherhood and soaking up every minute of my sons 1st year in the world. But now I have decided to take some healthy mummy time and what better way to do that than my old fav make up and talking about make up lol. So look out for more blogs such as make up, beauty and fashion haul, reviews, baby weight loss or just weight loss and if interested mummy and baby post lol.  

Wee picture of me and my son to busy watching spongebob to pose with mummy lol ❤ 

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Love Nicola xoxo 

Friday, 18 November 2011



Hey!!! everyone just thought I would do a quick update since I think the last time I was on my blog was September so it's been a long time I just thought I would give an update explaining way I have been away.
So back in September me and my fiancĂ©e found out that we were expecting our first BABY !!!!!!! in may .
And I thought I should wait until my first scan and until I was three months before announcing our very happy news.

So now that I am back expect loads of new post coming soon :-) 

So Until Next Time 

Love Nicolaxoxo

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elf Haul !!!

Elf Brushes Haul!!!

So last Thursday I decided to try out the elf make up brushes so I placed the order last Thursday and I received It yesterday, So I thought I would do a small haul. So lets get started:

So I got four face brushes and four eye brushes.

Face Brushes

I love how they were sent out all really packaged really cute.

Powder Brush 

So the first brush I bought was the powder brush which is meant for powder and contouring but what I plan to use it for is foundation as I was going to get the stipple brush but I heard it wasn't all that so I thought this would just do. And it does a really good job I used it this morning when doing my make up and it was so soft but also blended my foundation really well so I am really liking it. 

Complexion Brush 

So this is the second face brush I got the complexion brush to use for setting my foundation with powder so this is my powder brush and again I really liked it super soft and blending my powder really well.

Blush Brush

So this is another face brush I got which is the blush brush and again its a really good brush my only thing if I am being picky is that I would prefer it a wee bit bigger and more rounded but other than that its really good.

Concealer Brush

The last face brush I got was the concealer brush I am not to sure about this brush I don't think it's because there is anything wrong with it. I think it's because I like to use my sigma blending brush to blend my concealer so I think its just a case of getting use to using a flat concealer brush but other than that it seems like a really well made brush and does blend in your concealer well just takes a wee bit longer than if you were using a blending brush to do it.

Eye Brushes

Eyeshadow C Brush

I haven't tried any of the eye brush yet but this brush feels really well made and seems like it could really pack a lot of colour on the lid and again like the face brush seems really soft and wouldn't irritate the eyes.

Contour Brush 

So I am super excited to try out this brush as soon as I seen it I thought it will be great for the crease of the eyes for a sexy smokey eye look. And just the feel of it feels really well made and I just love the tapered doom shape of it. It feels like you will be able to have plenty of control of placing the colour on the crease and smoking it out so I am super excited about using it. 

Small Precision Brush 

So for this brush with the shape and look of it I think I am going to use this for lining over my shadows or maybe if I have any blemishes that need covered more precisely this seems like a really good brush for that. 

Small Smudge Brush

So this is the last brush I got and just as it says I will use it to smudge out my liner.

So my overall opinion of these brushes are is that I was a wee bit unsure about ordering brushes from elf but I must admit I really like them all and I would really recommend them if you didn't want to spend that much and were looking for a cheaper alternative as each brush only cost £3.50 so you can't really go wrong. But they are definitely really good quality brushes and do exactly what they are meant for and maybe a wee bit more. 

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Prize !!!!

My Mac Lipstick Prize

So not too long ago I entered a giveaway on the fabulous which is a fab blog so if you don't follow her already please check her blog out and follow. So the giveaway was for a mac lipstick in the shade Hue so I entered and I won yeah !!! lol. I was so surprised I totally did not expect to win. So I thought I would do a wee blog post on it and show you my prize: 

My Prize

So this is how my prize came in this cute packaging with pink sequins in the pink gift bag. The lipstick was wrapped up in a lovely purple,pink shade of tissue paper and she also sent me a gorgeous charm and in the gift bag she also sent me a lovely note saying congrats on winning the giveaway which was so sweet so thanks again Billie.

My Charm

This is the pilgrim sliver plated tree charm that she also sent me which was so sweet of her its so unique I love it. New charm added to my bracelet.  

My Prize Mac Lipstick In Hue 

So this is my first time having this shade and I have to say I am in love with this lipstick its so pretty and it not to far off my own lip colour so it just enhances my lip colour Its such a lovely creamy pinky nude colour and even thought it feels creamy it still has that nice shine to it. I think it might become one of my favourites.


Yup ! I am definitely in love with this lipstick! 

Just want to say a really big thank you to Billie from I am in love with the lipstick and also my charm it was really sweet of you to send that also your a wee sweetheart. And remember ladies check out billie blog and follow!!!

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Clothes Haul !!!!

Clothes Haul !!!!

So on Thursday me and my boyfriend had a day off so we thought we would head into town for some retail therapy. So I thought I would do a wee haul of the stuff I picked up lets get started :

Maxi Dress

Tesco £20

I have been wanting a maxi dress for the longest time but because  I am so petite its hard to get one that will fit me in length, So when I seen this I really like it plus it didn't look that long compared to some of the maxi dresses so I tried it on and it fitted perfectly in the length so if anyone is looking for a petite size maxi dress try tesco.  

Chino Trousers

Primark £12

Bright or what lol as soon as I seen them I fell in love with them I am crazy about these sorts of bright colours right now and I definitely don't have another pair like them lol and its always nice to have a pop of colour in your wardrobe.

Collared Top

Primark £8

Its just a plain white vest top really but I thought it would be a nice top to pair up with the chino trousers or anything eles really leggings high waisted skirts or shorts it would go with anything really. 

Ballerina Flats 

Primark £8

Again nothing fancy just simple pair of flats but always good to have in pretty much all colours to pair up with a causal outfit and I don't have a pair in a tanned colour so thought it would be good to have lol.

Chuck Taylor's

Bank £61

So this was a present from my boyfriend he is obsessed with Chuck Taylor hi -tops and he loves his Leather I robot Chuck Taylor's so as soon as he seen these leather women's hi-tops he was like I have to buy them for you. So I now own my 1st pair of Chuck Taylor's thanks baby lol. 

So that was my clothes haul I have a giveaway coming up soon so keep an eye out for that.

So Until Next Time 

Love Nicolaxoxo

Thursday, 4 August 2011

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Review !!!!!!

MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette!!!

So I thought today I would do a review as I have not done one in a while and as soon as I bought this palette I have been dying to have a play about with it so I thought I could combine that with a review of my kind of first impressions of the colours and pay off so lets get started.

So I picked this palette up at superdrug at the MUA Professionals make up stand for an amazing £4. In superdrug they have an MUA stand which all there eyes,lips,face and nail products are £1 which is just amazing but now they have started a professionals range with the most expensive product going upto £4 which are the eyeshadow palettes. So they have the heaven & earth palette which is the one I picked up and they have another 5 palettes to choose from which are :

Pretty Pastels 

Glitter Ball

Starry Night

Dusk Til Dawn

Pop Tastic

These are also all £4 each and all look fantastic and I definitely plan on picking them all up.

So here what MUA are saying about the heaven & earth palette:

A palette of 12 beautiful earth tone shades that blend effortlessly to give a soft shimmery finish. Create a natural effect using the individual shades, or mix colours together to intensify your look.

So as it say it comes with 12 shimmery shades the only thing about this palette is that it doesn't come with any matte shades but there is shades that aren't as shimmery than others you need to look really close to see the shimmer in them were as some are super shimmery. 

Top Row Of Shades

Here are the 6 shades on the top row which just with these 6 shades you could do so many cute looks with them.

In these up close photo you can see that some shades are not as shimmery as the others.

Swatches Of Top Row

So this is swatches on just bare skin with no primer and look how pigmented they all are can you just imagine if you have a base on the lid how much more those shades would pop I think that's amazing. 

Bottom Row Of Shades 

To me in these photo the bottom row doesn't look as shimmery as the top row does so if your not into to much shimmer and that's what would be putting you off well I wouldn't be because as I said in some of them you can't see the shimmer as much as others.

Swatches Of Bottom Row

And as I said even in the swatches I would say there was only really one super shimmery shade in the bottom row. And again this bottom row also with out a base just on bare skin and the same as the top row its super pigmented great colour pay.

So my overall thought about this palette is that its amazing and I can't believe you can get this kind of quality for only £4 I would definitely recommend anyone that's loves make up or even if your just starting out to pick up this fantastic palette. And I will be definitely picking up all the other palettes from this range so expect more reviews on that.

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo