Thursday, 4 August 2011

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Review !!!!!!

MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette!!!

So I thought today I would do a review as I have not done one in a while and as soon as I bought this palette I have been dying to have a play about with it so I thought I could combine that with a review of my kind of first impressions of the colours and pay off so lets get started.

So I picked this palette up at superdrug at the MUA Professionals make up stand for an amazing £4. In superdrug they have an MUA stand which all there eyes,lips,face and nail products are £1 which is just amazing but now they have started a professionals range with the most expensive product going upto £4 which are the eyeshadow palettes. So they have the heaven & earth palette which is the one I picked up and they have another 5 palettes to choose from which are :

Pretty Pastels 

Glitter Ball

Starry Night

Dusk Til Dawn

Pop Tastic

These are also all £4 each and all look fantastic and I definitely plan on picking them all up.

So here what MUA are saying about the heaven & earth palette:

A palette of 12 beautiful earth tone shades that blend effortlessly to give a soft shimmery finish. Create a natural effect using the individual shades, or mix colours together to intensify your look.

So as it say it comes with 12 shimmery shades the only thing about this palette is that it doesn't come with any matte shades but there is shades that aren't as shimmery than others you need to look really close to see the shimmer in them were as some are super shimmery. 

Top Row Of Shades

Here are the 6 shades on the top row which just with these 6 shades you could do so many cute looks with them.

In these up close photo you can see that some shades are not as shimmery as the others.

Swatches Of Top Row

So this is swatches on just bare skin with no primer and look how pigmented they all are can you just imagine if you have a base on the lid how much more those shades would pop I think that's amazing. 

Bottom Row Of Shades 

To me in these photo the bottom row doesn't look as shimmery as the top row does so if your not into to much shimmer and that's what would be putting you off well I wouldn't be because as I said in some of them you can't see the shimmer as much as others.

Swatches Of Bottom Row

And as I said even in the swatches I would say there was only really one super shimmery shade in the bottom row. And again this bottom row also with out a base just on bare skin and the same as the top row its super pigmented great colour pay.

So my overall thought about this palette is that its amazing and I can't believe you can get this kind of quality for only £4 I would definitely recommend anyone that's loves make up or even if your just starting out to pick up this fantastic palette. And I will be definitely picking up all the other palettes from this range so expect more reviews on that.

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo


  1. Great review. I've been thinking about buying this palette I've heard its a great dupe of the naked palette by urban decay. I think I will invest as the swatchesyou have done have great pigments and for only £4 just great.


  2. Hi hun! just to let you know, you won my giveaway! I've emailed you already :) well done! xxx