Thursday, 30 June 2011

Monthly Favourites !!!!

My June Favourites !!!

Heyy guys so today I am going to be talking about my June favourites I can't believe it's the end of June already this month has flew by. Anyway my favourites hasn't really changed so instead of going over the same things I am just going to show you new things added on the list that I have used almost everyday this month so lets begin: 

My Favourite Lipstick Of The Month Of June

MUA Lipstick Shade 7

I am loving this lipstick for this month its been on my lips pretty much everyday since I got it. Its such a lovely creamy pinky nude colour and its not to far off my natural lip colour so it just enhances my lips for a nice everyday look.

My Favourite Nail Polish Of The Month Of June

Barry M Nail Paint In Mint Cream 

This has also been on my nails everyday since I got it, Its such a nice colour for summer and goes really nice with the denim trend that's in right now. This has quickly become my new favourite nail paint of June.

My Favourite Self Tanner Of The Month Of June

St.Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse In Dark

So I have been applying this pretty much every other day because it's not summer if you don't have a tan and I hate  In these summer months walking around with legs and arms on show looking a horrible ill pale colour so this has been my best friend over the month of June and will probably continue to be throughout the summer lol I love it, Its so easy to apply and gives you a nice healthy summer glow.

My Favourite Body Wash Of The Month Of June

Superdrug Shower Cream Milk & Honey

I am so in love with this shower cream I love my morning showers because the smell of this is so amazing. I have spoke about this before in one of my hauls when I got it because of it's smell, It just smells like holidays and it just gives you that big burst of morning energy you need first thing. IT AMAZING LOL.

My Favourite Heat Protecting Of The Month Of June

Tresemme Heat Defence Spray 

So recently I have been getting Blonde highlights through my hair and because of the bleach I wanted to get a heat protector spray so when i apply any heat to my hair it doesn't become anymore damaged than it may already be due to the bleach. So as I don't have a sally's near by and it's a bit of a journey just to go for heat protector spray I just thought I would nip down to Tesco and pick up one until I got to sally's. So I seen the big bottle first so as I was on my way to purchases it when this wee travel one caught my eye so I thought just take this one incase its no good. But it's actually been really good and I have used it pretty much everyday since I got it and I have noticed a difference in my ends so I am thinking of purchasing the bigger bottle. 

My Favourite Dry Shampoo Of The Month Of June

Tresemme Dry Shampoo For Oil To Normal Hair

So I have this really big obsession with washing my hair like everyday I hate the feeling of my hair been dirty and I know I should Know better not too wash it everyday as it take all the natural goodness out your hair and I am over stimulating my sebaceous gland which causes my hair to become greasy quicker I know this lol. That's way I have decided to try my hardest and only wash it every 2nd day so I thought I would pick up this dry shampoo as I am not a big fan of dry shampoo but I am really liking this one. It smell nice, doesn't leave the hair looking grey lol and gives you a bit of volume to the hair making it look cleaner as well has controlling the oil from my scalp so its been a favourite of mine this month.  

So that's all my favourites of the month of June 

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Award Best Blog !!!!!

Award Best Blog !!!!

So today I was very excited to find out that Lianne from Frivolous loves gave me an award for my blog which is so sweet. So a big thank you to Lianne for the award and supporting my blog, you should all check out her fab blog and follow. 

The Rules Of This Award Are:

1. Link Back To The Person That Awarded This To You:

2. Share 7 Random Things About Yourself:

 1. I Live In Sunny Scotland lol
2. I Have A Scottie Dog Called Hamish
3. I Have A HND In Art & Design
4. I am Addicted To Irn Bru ( Soft Drink Lol )
5.I am Obsessed With False Eyelashes ( There May Must Haves Lol )
6. I Love The Smell Of Clean Linen  
7. I Hate Feet ( Lol )

3. Award 15 Blogs:

4. Answer The Following Questions:

1. Favourite Colour: Lilac
2. Favourite Song At The Moment: Lil Wayne - How To Love
3. Favourite Dessert: Apple Pie 
4. Whats Pissing You Off Right Now:  Nothing The Now Lol
5. When Your Upset You: Moan To My Boyfriend,Family Or Friends Lol
6. What's Your Favourite Pet: My Dog
7. Black Or White: White
8. Best Feature: Smile 
9. Everyday Attitude: Depends On The Day I Have Had But Usually Good
10. What Is Perfection: Time With Family & Friends
11. Guilty Pleasure:  Shopping & Crisps  

Thanks again Lianne for my award and to all my fabulous followers hope everyone carries this on and shares the love and by doing so finds some more fabulous blogs. 

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

15 Hour Foundation Challenge !!

Revlon Colour Stay 15 Hour Foundation Challenge !!!

So a few weeks ago I went shopping and picked up MAC pro longwear foundation and Revlon colour stay foundation as I heard that they both were really good foundations and lasted all day. So I purchased both of them and I thought I would put them to the test.

So not so long ago I performed a 15 Hour challenge with my MAC pro longwear foundation from 8am to 11pm without any touch up throughout the day to see if it really does last the 15 hour as it say and it did really well by lasting me all day. So now its time to put Revlon colour stay to the 15 hour challenge . So what Revlon are saying its meant to do:

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex. Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this oil-free, moisture-balanced formula gives you flawless looking skin. Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay Formula.
Medium to full coverage, with SPF 15 protection

So the plus for me was it last up to 16 hours made for normal to dry skin which I have and its lightweight but still gives good coverage and also protects the skin. So even though it says it last up to 16 hours an hour longer than the MAC pro longwear foundation I am going to be fair and only challenge it to 15 hours also so lets begin. 

Warning Bad Photo's Coming Up....SORRY!!

8am Freshly Done Make up Before Work:

Freshly done make up in the morning ( Again sorry about the pjs lol )  using my revlon colour stay foundation using 1 full pump for the whole face and then carrying on with my concealer, powder,bronzer and blush for the rest of the face as normal.

1pm During Work Looking Like S**T !!

That was my make up as of 1pm lunch time make up still looking good and no touch would have been needed.

6pm After Full Day At Work:

My make up was still looking good but I could see around the chin area it was fading away a bit more than the rest of the face but not that bad yet that it would need a touch up just yet. 

9pm After My Dinner:

My make up at this time had started to fade away really bad around the chin, forehead and nose area so my
t-zone area and if I was going to do touch ups I would have done them at this point.

Now by 11pm I had fallen asleep SORRY so I don't have a photo for then but my overall thought is that it definitely does not last up to 15 hours so 16 hours I don't think so. I would say you would get up to 10 hours without touch ups needed so it will get you through a busy work day and a few hours after which is still really good for a foundation but after 10 I would say touch ups are definitely needed because if you don't by 16 your make up will have completely faded off your face. So I would recommend this foundation if your looking for a cheaper alternative to the MAC pro longwear foundation or your just looking for something to last your work day without touch ups I would recommend this but don't buy into the 16 hour thing because it won't last that long without a face touch up.

So Until Next Time

Love Nicola xoxo

Friday, 24 June 2011

Another Shopping Trip !!!!!!

Primark Haul !!!!

So as it was such a lovely day today and I had a free afternoon I thought I would take a trip into primark for a look around and I ended up picking up somethings so I thought I would do another haul today.



As summer coming in and for the nice few days we get I thought I shoud pick up some sunglasses. 

Charm Bracelet 


Thought it would be a nice wee fashion piece for summer.

Butterfly Charm


I thought the butterfly was a summery charm for it, its so cute. 

Bracelet And Charm Together

Its such a pretty bracelet to wear over the summer and for only £2 for the bracelet and the charm bargain lol they have loads of other charms at primark all at a £1.

Denim Waist Coat


Loving this waist coat it will be so cute for over the summer and you could wear it with anything short, skirts, dresses atc... anything and it will look lush.

Skinny Jeans


I needed a new pair of skinny jeans but I usually don't get jeans from primark because I have really small legs :-( and even though they say short there still to long on me but they looked cute and for only £6.50 I can wear them with heels or my wedges to give me some height lol . 

So that was my small shopping trip to primark. Just want to say a big thank you to all my followers for following and supporting my blog. I am following all of your blogs too and there all amazing so thank you again guys xoxo

So until next time....

Love Nicolaxoxo

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Haul !!!!!

Mini Haul !!!!!

Today I nip out to the shops to pick up a few wee things and ended up get another few wee things not on the list lol so I thought I would do a mini haul today.

St.Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse In Dark

Home Bargains £2.99

St.Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist In Medium

Home Bargains £2.99

I love this self tanner always does me proud and for £2.99 you cant complain. I have not tried the mist yet but I thought it would be good for the legs so might do a wee review on that but on a whole I love the mousse so hopefully I will love the mist. 

Shower Cream Milk & Honey

Superdrug 46p

I love this shower cream so much it smells amazing, smells like holidays if you know what I mean lol it just makes me feel fresh and happy like when your on holidays its so nice and for only 46p bargain lol .

Nair Hair Removal For Sensitive Skin

Superdrug £2.60

I have never used this brand before I usual use veet hair removal for my underarms and in between shaving days but in my local store they didn't have any of my veet for sensitive skin left so I picked up this instead if I was thinking I could have picked it up in home bargains but I was in a hurry so I hope it works and doesn't irritate my skin if so I will report back. 

NYC Natural Eyelashes In Black

Superdrug £1.99 Each

I love these lashes when I am wanting loads of volume look for night out or date night and as date night coming up with the boyfriend thought I would grab some the only down side is they don't come with lash adhesive but if your a lash addict like me you will probably already have plenty of lash adhesive which I do so I don't mind for only £1.99 and they look lush on. 

Barry M Nail Paint In Mint Green

Superdrug £2.99

I am probably the only person that doesn't own a mint green nail polish so I thought I should treat myself to this lovely mint green one from barry m. Looks lush can't wait to give it a try.

MUA Lipstick In Shade 7

Superdrug £1

I have a few MUA eyeshadows , polish and glosses so I thought might aswell try out the lipstick I only picked up one they don't have that many shades to choice but they do have your basic shades this one reminds me of ELF mineral lipstick in runway pink also done a swatch of it.

It feels really nice ,very creamy and really good pay off on the lips will definitely be picking up a few more in some other shades from the MUA collection at superdrug.  

Monday, 20 June 2011

Make up Look !!!!!!!!!!!

Brown Smokey Eye Look !!!!

This is my brown smokey eye look using my ELF 32 eyeshadow palette.

So lets begin....

Step 1

I begin by using ELF under eye concealer and higher lighter and using the concealer i prime the eyes.

Step 2

Once the eyes are primed i then used MAC colour cream base in hush for a nice golden brown base.

Step 3

After the base i then applied this dark golden brown colour from the ELF palette and pat it all over the eye lid  with any c eyeshadow brush you may have.

Step 4

Now the 1st shadow is applied time to use a 2nd shadow in a lighter shade to smoke it out with the lighter shade it gives it a more wearable look. 
 So taking the 2nd shadow also from the ELF palette place it on the crease to define the crease of the eye using any crease brush to do so.

Then blend out with a fluffy blending brush.

Step 5

Now using ELF under eye concealer and highligher using the highlighter end add it to the eyebrow bone and blend using a smudge brush.

Now using my collection 2000 24 hour felt tip liner in black line the eyelid and then using my maxfactors masterpiece mascara also in black on the top and bottom lashes and your done in 5 easy steps here the finished look.

Here a list of the products i used to achieve this look:

ELF 32 Everyday Eyeshadow palette

ELF Under eye concealer and highligher 
Light & Glow

MAC Cream Colour Base
From www.

Collection 2000 Extreme 24hour felt tip eyeliner
From Superdrug

Maxfactor's Masterpiece mascara 
From Superdrug

Swatches Of Products 

Highligh - Glow
Concealer - Light


Crease Swatch 
Eyelid Swatch 

Eyeliner swatch 

Hope you all like this look and a big thank you to my lovely sis in law for being my model today.

So Until Next Time......

Love Nicola xoxo