Tuesday, 28 June 2011

15 Hour Foundation Challenge !!

Revlon Colour Stay 15 Hour Foundation Challenge !!!

So a few weeks ago I went shopping and picked up MAC pro longwear foundation and Revlon colour stay foundation as I heard that they both were really good foundations and lasted all day. So I purchased both of them and I thought I would put them to the test.

So not so long ago I performed a 15 Hour challenge with my MAC pro longwear foundation from 8am to 11pm without any touch up throughout the day to see if it really does last the 15 hour as it say and it did really well by lasting me all day. So now its time to put Revlon colour stay to the 15 hour challenge . So what Revlon are saying its meant to do:

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex. Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this oil-free, moisture-balanced formula gives you flawless looking skin. Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay Formula.
Medium to full coverage, with SPF 15 protection

So the plus for me was it last up to 16 hours made for normal to dry skin which I have and its lightweight but still gives good coverage and also protects the skin. So even though it says it last up to 16 hours an hour longer than the MAC pro longwear foundation I am going to be fair and only challenge it to 15 hours also so lets begin. 

Warning Bad Photo's Coming Up....SORRY!!

8am Freshly Done Make up Before Work:

Freshly done make up in the morning ( Again sorry about the pjs lol )  using my revlon colour stay foundation using 1 full pump for the whole face and then carrying on with my concealer, powder,bronzer and blush for the rest of the face as normal.

1pm During Work Looking Like S**T !!

That was my make up as of 1pm lunch time make up still looking good and no touch would have been needed.

6pm After Full Day At Work:

My make up was still looking good but I could see around the chin area it was fading away a bit more than the rest of the face but not that bad yet that it would need a touch up just yet. 

9pm After My Dinner:

My make up at this time had started to fade away really bad around the chin, forehead and nose area so my
t-zone area and if I was going to do touch ups I would have done them at this point.

Now by 11pm I had fallen asleep SORRY so I don't have a photo for then but my overall thought is that it definitely does not last up to 15 hours so 16 hours I don't think so. I would say you would get up to 10 hours without touch ups needed so it will get you through a busy work day and a few hours after which is still really good for a foundation but after 10 I would say touch ups are definitely needed because if you don't by 16 your make up will have completely faded off your face. So I would recommend this foundation if your looking for a cheaper alternative to the MAC pro longwear foundation or your just looking for something to last your work day without touch ups I would recommend this but don't buy into the 16 hour thing because it won't last that long without a face touch up.

So Until Next Time

Love Nicola xoxo


  1. I always struggle to find foundations that suit my dry skin which will last me through a whole night of clubbing! Just bought the l'oreal long lasting one and have been pretty disappointed :( so might try this one! xxx

  2. i only use foundation from avon, because everything else i've tried is either too dark for my skin or just doesn't last long enough without becoming flaky.

    this is a great review btw, so i've become a follower :)

    thechicblonde.blogspot.com x

  3. I awarded you for best blog http://frivolousloves.blogspot.com/2011/06/award-best-blog.html :)
    Would be great if you could check it out and maybe do it too, share the love


  4. My skin is oily so foundations tend to slip right off as the day goes on. Thanks for this post.

    You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all of the luck in the world (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  5. Hi Nicola!

    I am still using the Revlon colourstay for oily/combination skin. I really the coverage but they can be quite cakey sometimes. I am in search of a new foundation at the moment so if you have any new foundations to recommend, please post them ok! I like your blog and your reviews.. I am a follower now. Have a look at mine and you can follow too if you like:)

  6. I don't really use foundation, I'm more of a concealer and blusher person, but nice post! I like seeing how it looks through the day, good idea! :D xx

  7. great post :) I've been wondering what this foundation is like!

    love your blog, i'm following :) check out mine if you'd like http://justablogaboutbec.blogspot.com