Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Review Of Nicky Clarke Compact Rollers !!!!

Review Of Nicky Clarke Compact Rollers

The box packaging of the heated rollers 

So as i said in my may favourites i recently purchased these Nicky Clarke compact heated rollers as i was away with my boyfriend and we were going to a show in London and i wanted to create volume to my hair without spending ages curling and back
 combing my hair. So i looked online and seen these for only £15 and also saw they were compact size so good for travel as i was away. So quickly got myself down to argos and purchased them. I didn't really have that high exceptions for them when i opened it i thought as long as it does something to my hair. But to my surprise they really did work giving me the volume that i wanted and also good hold throughout the night.

This is what the heated rollers came in and the statement of what it says on the front of the box:

"Nicky Clarke 5 star salon tried and tested classic compact rollers with heat ready indicator 12 rollers worldwide usage and storage bag"

This is the storage bag opened shown you all the handy size rollers and places for the rollers.

Statement at the right hand side of the box:

- 12 heated rollers with easy to use clips.
- Thermoplastic rubber retains heat for longer lasting results.
- Compact system heat 6 rollers at a time.
- Worldwide usage for home use or at abroad.
- Compact heated zip bag with cord storage.
- Heat ready dot turns from red to white when ready to use.
- Power on indicator lights.

This is the rollers comes with 6 black and 6 red and 12 clips. 1 red and 1 black roller has ready dot that turns from red to white when they are ready to use.

Statement at left hand side of the box :

"Whether you want curls or waves, my heated rollers style your hair whilst helping keep it smooth and natural looking. The compact heat storage bag and worldwide usage means you can create curls wherever you are in the world" 

As it says at the each side of the box all very true with just a few minor cons with regards to the clips and the heat system. The bad points to these are i would not say the clips are all that easy to use doesn't really grip the hair so it might be good to buys some grip clips they are a lot easier to use and would hold the roller better, But to there defence it wouldn't really be compact so i can see why they don't supply them but even to purchases just to have if you don't find them easy to use. 2nd con is the heat system only heats 6 at times so every time you take one out you need to replace it as soon as so the roller can heat up enough to curl the hair. That's my only minor complaints but overall its a very good product and i would recommend buying this for travelling if your going on holiday it will fit in your suitcase or hand luggage easy or even for home use if you don't want one of the bigger ones as this is also easy to put away and doesn't take up much storage space. And for me it was definitely a good purchase did exactly what i wanted it to do and i will definitely be using it for home, travel and also in my hairdressing kit its a must have for on the go volume.   

So until next time.....

Love Nicolaxoxo

Monday, 30 May 2011

My May Favourites

My May Favourites !!!!!!

Heyy guys so today i am going to be talking about my may favourites and i am going try my hardest to do one of these every month so lets get started. 

My favourite foundation of the month of may

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation

This has become my new favourite foundation as of late i used to be in love with mac face and body well i still love it but it just wasn't working for me on long work days as i do hairdressing so i need something that would last all day and as i work with a hair dryer i needed something to with stand heat but with the face and body it looked good for the start of the day but by the end of the day it had melted of my face. So that when i found the pro longwear and it does what it says it last the full day even with heat and by the end of the day it still looks good. So i have found my new love in mac pro longwear foundation hehe. 

My favourite concealer of the month of may

Mac Select Cover up Concealer 

So i don't really stick to one concealer every time i go to mac to buy my usual foundation,powder and bronzer but when it comes to concealer i don't know why but i never stick to one. So i can safely say i have tried all of mac concealer and i must say i really love this
one with this a little goes a long way. It blends so well and brightens
 up your under eye and and where eles you need it to. I am  

going to make this my must have concealer i love it .

My favourite loose powder of the month of may

Mac select sheer loose powder

This is my absolute fav loose powder now for me loose powder is a must have with my make up and i have being using this from the begin and i don't think i will ever change it gives me this flawless finish to my make up. Also gives me the matte effect i like but still makes me have this nice glow to the skin all i can say is i love this powder soooooo much its a must have.

My favourite bronzer of the month of may

Mac mineralize skinfinish natural

I love this bronzer sooooo much i never use to use bronzer with my make up beacause i felt it made me look like a disco ball and no matter how little i used it just looked way over the top. But when i first ever went into mac just to have a look not to purchase lol one of the mac sales girls came up to me asked me what i was looking for then asked if i would like a demo of the products of course i said yes anyway she made it look amazing the best i have ever seen my make up so before i knew i left with foundation, concealer, powder and to my shock BRONZER. And when i left i was so mad at myself for letting being talking into buying all this stuff especially bronzer something i never wear what was i thinking of course i looks amazing she is a trained pro . So the time came i put my concealer, foundation and powder and it looked amazing i was thinking great but just wait until i wreak it with bronzer i put it on and i have never looked back its amazing the best bronzer ever i don't know how they do it but i love it no disco ball for me just natural looking glowing skin.

My favourite blush of the month of may

Sleek blush Pixie Pink 

I love this blush so much when i tell you i have had this blush for all most a year and i use it everyday and i still have not hit pan i am not lying its amazing. The colour is so pretty it looks so pink but it just gives your cheeks a nice healthy look. This has been my first purchase with sleek and i must say i am so impressed not only with the product but also with the packaging it fits in with my mac so well and when if ever i run out lol i am defo going to repurchase.   

Elf everyday 32pc collection 

I am really loving this palette it has all the colours i love and would usually go for its also really good for travelling because its not like a big size palette its big enough to fit into my make up bag. I mean for only £9.00 you can't go wrong so many nice colours for during the day and so many for a night look as well what can i say i love it .

My favourite lipstick of the month of may 

ELF Studio Lipstick In Natural Nymph

I don't always like lipsticks but i must say i love this one its such a nice nude lip colour its so creamy and matte and makes my lips feel so moist and not dried out like some lipsticks do i love it.

My Favourite make up remover wipes 

Primark face wipes 

Okay let me start by saying these are the only face wipes i am ever going to buy thats how much i love them. I have had the worst time with trying to buy face wipes to remove make up because i have the most sensitive skin ever i have had so many bad reactions to face wipes it got to the point where when i did find ones that didnt have a reaction to my skin i was paying like £5 and for me £5 for face wipes at only 25 wipes no thank you i will just stick to good old soap and water to remove my make up. But couple of weeks ago i was at the till in primark where i saw these wipes at the till for a £1 so i thought why not only and £1 if don't work i can use them for cleaning up but i was so wrong the are amazing and i have not had one bad reaction and i am now on my 5th packet i mean 2 pack of wipes for £1 that work for my skin i am in love lol. 

My favourite nail polish of the month of may 

Barry M nail paints in coral 

I am loving this colour at the moment its so pretty for coming into summer and makes your hands look so pretty and looks really nice with tanned skin i am really loving it for this month.

My favourite perfume for the month of may 

Guilty by gucci 

I really loves this perfume at the moment it smells so good i would say its more of a night time scent than a day time but it smells so good and defo last long but you need to re use. 

My favourite hair product of the month of may 

Nicky Clarke travel heated rollers

I got this when i was down in Birmingham with my boyfriend and we were going to a show in London and i wanted a lot of volume in my hair but because my hair so fine i got alot of but it so fine its hard to get volume in my hair so i thought might as well use heated rollers but i didn't want to buy a huge one because i was travelling so thought £15 travel size that will do i didn't havemmuch high exceptions for it when i opened it but its seriously so amazing it heats up good and gives your hair volume with nice curls. Very good purchase. 

So until next time.....

Love Nicolaxoxo

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My 1st Ever Blog

My 1st Ever Blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done it woohoo my 1st ever blog and post and so far slowly but surely i am just getting to know how it works and just trying it out see how i like it

so expect to see all things hair and beauty related so all good girly things like hair and make up looks, product reviews and some fashion and make up haul stuff too.

So Until Next Time...

Love Nicolaxoxo