Friday, 29 July 2011

Haul Time !!!!

Bargain Haul !!!!

So yesterday it was vat free day at sally's so I thought I would go and get another couple of things for my kit but I ended up getting a wee bit more plus heading to some other shops lol opps! thought might aswell do a haul post so lets get started.

Roo Mini Pouch Pink

Sally's £29.99 Trade £8.81 

So this was something I did get for my kit. Its a tool pouch for around my waist while I am working and I love the shade of pink it comes in its such a handy wee thing to have while your working its really comfortable around the waist too I LOVE IT. 

Ardell Fashion False Lashes 107 Black

Sally's £3.05 Trade £2.09

I can't help myself but every time I am in sally's I have to pick up a pair of eyelashes its a must when I am there something just draws me to them I think I am a false lashes addict lol.  

China Glaze Nail Polish

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini 

Sally's £6.49 Sale £68p Trade 49p

So I feel like a went into sally's and robbed the places can you believe it china glaze for 49p I still can't get over it if I had more time I would properly have picked up loads more but I thought I needed to quickly grab them because they have made a mistake lol. Plus not to long ago I was on the china glaze website looking at some that I wanted to buy and the colours I got where all the colours I had picked on the website is that good karma or what lol.

China Glaze Nail Polish

Kiwi Cool Ada

Sally's £6.49 Sale 68p Trade 49p

I am so in love with all these shade but the bright neon ones I picked up are so in for this summer I love them I painted my sister in laws nails with this colour and its lush sooooo pretty. 

China Glaze

Sea Spray 

Sally's £6.49 Sale £1.69 Trade £1.05

So I was looking for the for Audrey colour and it wasn't there but I seen this one and It kind of reminded me of it plus its such a pretty shade anyway.

China Glaze 

108 Degress

Sally's £6.49 Trade £4.19

So this is part of the new collection and it caught my eye straight away its sooo pretty I just really can't wait to paint my nails with all these shade just need to pick which one first lol .

Water Spray Bottle Red

Poundland £1

So this is another thing for my kit I was in poundland getting some juice Irn Bru what else lol when I seen this in this lush red colour so I thought can't go wrong for a £1 plus its huge so got home filled it up and it works great gives you such a nice mist all over the head. Just can't beat a good bargain lol.

Face Masks 

White Choc Mask 

Mud Mask

Home Bargains 79p Each

I love having girly days when your just relaxing nice face mask on paint nails get hair done and tan done so I picked up a few of these I mean for 79p always handy to have.

MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Superdrug £4.00

So I Have a few MUA stuff from superdrug but when I seen this I had to buy it. It has such pretty everyday colours but you can also use for a nice smokey eye for at night time aswell and for only £4.00 I felt like I robbed superdrug too definitely bargain day lol. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 52

Superdrug £9.99

So I have been hearing really goods things about this foundation so I thought I would pick it up and try it out looks like it's time for another 15 Hour foundation challenge lol. 

Bourjois Concealer 51

Superdrug £7.49

So since I picked up the foundation I thought might aswell pick up the concealer too so might have to do a wee review on that once I have tested it out.

So that was my bargain haul I will definitely being doing some review post on some of these products once I have tested them out.

So Until Next Time 

Love Nicolaxoxo


  1. grat haul i love the china glazes colors
    and ive always wanted to try the mud masks

  2. hi I just came across your blog :) I love the MUA palette, the colors are so pretty!

  3. Those nail polish colours look so amazing!! They are so vibrant!! xx

  4. I love the colours of the nail polishes you picked up!

  5. Great haul! You got some lovely China Glaze nail varnish, the colours are so pretty :) x