Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elf Haul !!!

Elf Brushes Haul!!!

So last Thursday I decided to try out the elf make up brushes so I placed the order last Thursday and I received It yesterday, So I thought I would do a small haul. So lets get started:

So I got four face brushes and four eye brushes.

Face Brushes

I love how they were sent out all really packaged really cute.

Powder Brush 

So the first brush I bought was the powder brush which is meant for powder and contouring but what I plan to use it for is foundation as I was going to get the stipple brush but I heard it wasn't all that so I thought this would just do. And it does a really good job I used it this morning when doing my make up and it was so soft but also blended my foundation really well so I am really liking it. 

Complexion Brush 

So this is the second face brush I got the complexion brush to use for setting my foundation with powder so this is my powder brush and again I really liked it super soft and blending my powder really well.

Blush Brush

So this is another face brush I got which is the blush brush and again its a really good brush my only thing if I am being picky is that I would prefer it a wee bit bigger and more rounded but other than that its really good.

Concealer Brush

The last face brush I got was the concealer brush I am not to sure about this brush I don't think it's because there is anything wrong with it. I think it's because I like to use my sigma blending brush to blend my concealer so I think its just a case of getting use to using a flat concealer brush but other than that it seems like a really well made brush and does blend in your concealer well just takes a wee bit longer than if you were using a blending brush to do it.

Eye Brushes

Eyeshadow C Brush

I haven't tried any of the eye brush yet but this brush feels really well made and seems like it could really pack a lot of colour on the lid and again like the face brush seems really soft and wouldn't irritate the eyes.

Contour Brush 

So I am super excited to try out this brush as soon as I seen it I thought it will be great for the crease of the eyes for a sexy smokey eye look. And just the feel of it feels really well made and I just love the tapered doom shape of it. It feels like you will be able to have plenty of control of placing the colour on the crease and smoking it out so I am super excited about using it. 

Small Precision Brush 

So for this brush with the shape and look of it I think I am going to use this for lining over my shadows or maybe if I have any blemishes that need covered more precisely this seems like a really good brush for that. 

Small Smudge Brush

So this is the last brush I got and just as it says I will use it to smudge out my liner.

So my overall opinion of these brushes are is that I was a wee bit unsure about ordering brushes from elf but I must admit I really like them all and I would really recommend them if you didn't want to spend that much and were looking for a cheaper alternative as each brush only cost £3.50 so you can't really go wrong. But they are definitely really good quality brushes and do exactly what they are meant for and maybe a wee bit more. 

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

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