Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mini Sally's Haul !!!!

Sally's Haul 

So I went through to sally's today to get my sally's trade card and while I was there I ending up picking up something for my kit so I thought I would do a mini haul as its only a few wee things.

Pink Tint Bowl

Sallys £ 3.59 Trade Discount £2.59

As I got accepted for my second year at college I thought for my last year I should build up my own hairdressing kit instead of using the college kit this year. As everyone is all the same and things from my kit either got taken or mixed up so I thought if I build up my own kit I will know what's mine and it won't get misplaced or taken . So I thought I would go for a pink and red themed kit so when I seen this neon pink tint bowl I had to have it for my kit its such a gorgeous pink I LOVE IT. 

Tint Brush

Sallys £ 2.39 Trade Discount £ 1.29

So since I got the tint bowl I had to have the tint brush to match lol. 

ProTip Pink Comb Set 

Sallys £ 7.15 Trade Discount £ 5.69

I also got this protip comb set in this pretty pink colour with this set you get pretty much all the combs you need for your kit you get your cutting comb,dressing comb, setting comb, pintail comb, tail comb and detangling comb. And it comes in this really cute clutch like packaging so they are easy to put away and keep tidy. 

So that was my very mini sallys haul please don't forget to take part in my summer giveaway Click here to enter

So Until Next Time

Love Nicolaxoxo

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  1. I color my own hair time to time and I love that all these tools are in pink!