Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hair Tutorial !!!!

How To Do A Root Regrowth !!!

So since I have started this blog I have not done a hair tutorial yet so I thought it was about time I did one lol. So today I am going to do a tutorial on a root regrowth salon style. Lets get started :

Things You Need

Tint Bowl

Tint Brush

Cutting Comb/Setting Comb

So once you have everything you need take your chosen tint colour and read the instruction carefully you should always read the instructions for every hair colour you use as different brands may have different mixing ratio or different application times and also make sure you read the correct part of the instructions as for each brand the full head tint may have different development times from the root regrowth and you must always perform a skin test 48hour before use if you are new to the product incase of any allergic reactions. So after you have read the instructions for your brand of hair colour place the amount of tint needed into the tint bowl and then place the amount of developer needed and mix together until creamy.

For my tutorial I am using my sally's tanning head and I am only using conditioner as the head does not have any roots.

Step 1

Using your comb or a brush, comb hair through then section the hair into a hot crossed bun which means section the hair into four two at the back and two at the front so the hair looks like this 

and at the back 

section off the hair using clips.

Step 2

Now taking the tint apply it from the forehead down to the nape to the regrowth area avoiding the previously coloured area. 

Step 3

Once you have done that do the same but on the other side of the head 

Step 4

Now that you have covered from the forehead to the nape you then move on to the front side sections and apply the colour from the centre of the head right down to the ear again making sure not to go over the previously coloured area. 

Then repeat on other side

Step 5 

Now we then move back to the back sections of the hair using your tail end of your tint brush we take about an 1inch of hair in a horizontal section and apply the tint to the regrowth area and keep doing this from the crown down to the nape.

Now repeat on the other back section .

Step 6

Once the back sections are done we move onto the front section and again using your tail end of your tint brush we take about an 1inch of hair in a horizontal section and apply tint to the regrowth area and keep doing this from centre of the head right down to the ear.

Then repeat on other side.

Step 7 

Now using the tail end of your tint brush separate each section to let lots of air get to the scalp.

And that you finished all that's left is to wait the development time stated on the instructions if the ends of the hair are looking a bit washed out all you need to do is in the last 10 minutes of development time take a water spray bottle spray over the hair and with a comb brush through the product and leave for the last 10 minutes of development time.

Then wash product thoroughly out with two shampoo's and conditions the hair and that's you all finished.

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So Until Next Time 

Love Nicolaxoxo

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